Threshold Consultants Ltd is a multidisciplinary architectural design firm founded by Kitty Au in Hong Kong. After a distinguished career at leading architectural practices, Kitty saw the opportunity to apply her expertise and innovative ideas to a broader spectrum of members of the community. The year of 2008 was a turning point for Kitty, also a threshold where she took her career to the next level by establishing her practice.

Studied architecture in Carleton University of Canada, Kitty integrates western perspectives and philosophy with her oriental roots in design work that articulates the uniqueness of Hong Kong as a dynamic world city in the post colonial era.

Established with a mission to bring changes, Threshold has taken approaches in the creation of architectural environments that are concerned with enhancing the social functioning of those who inhabit them. Architecture to Kitty is something that must fulfill its functional duties, yet gives off certain aesthetically pleasing aura. Her innovative architectural solutions have successfully incorporating social needs and practicality with aesthetics. Kitty’s works speak to and interact with the audience in ways that touching their hearts.

Threshold’s portfolio comprises diverse areas – from institutional and governmental to commercial and retail architectural projects. With an increasingly heavier focus towards social and rehabilitation services in recent years, Threshold’s creative talents are experimenting their innovative concepts to reinvent architectural spaces which “rehabilitate” together with the inhabitants.

Threshold Consultants Ltd is a corporate member of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects with Kitty being the Authorized Person under the Buildings Ordinance of Hong Kong SAR. The firm is staffed by architects, interior and graphic designers, partnered with Registered Structural Engineer and Building Services Engineer. It provides multidisciplinary architectural services from inception to contract completion for small to medium scale architectural projects in Hong Kong and mainland China.